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By reading our Frequently Asked Questions you can help yourself avoid becoming the dreaded Bridezilla! Also, if you have a question not listed by all means send DJ Tutt a Text or E-Mail.
How do I contact Tutts Tunes or DJ Tutt?
Text or Call: (989) 501-9157
Facebook John G Tuttle or Tutts Tunes DJ and Wedding Services

How has Covid changed Weddings?

Covid  has created many new challenges for not only us but for all Wedding Vendors and Couples hoping to get married.
The biggest change for us has been cancellations and postponements of Weddings.
If you decide to book Tutts Tunes please remember the deposit is non refundable. 
If your Venue forces you to change your date due to Covid or if the State of Michigan issues a mandate that forces you to postpone Tutts Tunes will gladly reschedule if we have your new date open at no extra cost or no further deposit required. If you choose to cancel your Wedding please read the cancelation policy given to you in the Tutts Tunes Agreement sent in your email.
Paying the balance due has never been an issue before Covid. We use to let you pay early, with payments or however it was easier for you. Now we will only accept the deposit ahead of time. The balance due will be collected the day of the Wedding or at Rehearsal if you hare having us at your Rehearsal.
If you do run into Venue issues and decide to move your wedding to an alternate location please inform Tutts Tunes ASAP.
Covid and dancing is a unique challenge. We do not suggest you do a Dollar Dance. Dancing with people that are not your own significant other does create a risk. Instead we suggest you do the Dollar Dash (ask DJ Tutt for more details about the Dollar Dash). If you insist on doing the Dollar Dance (after all it is your day and you call the shots) we do suggest you ask your guests to at least wear a mask while dancing with the Wedding Couple.
If you have decided to use your own private property for your wedding istead of a Venue that is fine by us.
If you have the Photo Booth booked it will have to be located under a tent with sides up to protect the equipment.
Keep in mind this is your event. We as DJ's are not responsible for following local or state mandates for crowd sizes, mask usage, or any other mandate that only the people having the event can be responsible for. If you have questions about local or state guidelines contact your local health department or Sherrifs Department. 

Choosing Your Music:
There are so many versions of songs it can be overwhelming to find the exact song you like. As it states in the Tutts Tunes agreement if you have a version of a song you like other than the original version send DJ Tutt a link to the song so we can purchase the exact song you want. 
We had a Bride get mad at us during one of her dances because the song she wrote down was not the version she wanted. She wrote down the Artist and song but failed to inform us she wanted a remix of the song. If you do not send us the correct information there is no possible way we can get the right songs for you. 
Take the few minutes and send DJ Tutt a link to your song choice if it is different than the original song.

When will Tutts Tunes arrive for the wedding?
Depending on what you have us booked to do, we will typically arrive about 2 1/2 hours prior to the start time of the Reception. If you have us booked for Ceremony Music, Photo Booth or Minister we will need more setup time and may arrive in some cases 3 to 4 hours before start time.

Will you play the Ceremony Music?
Yes, if the Ceremony and Reception are in the same room we will do the Ceremony Music free of charge. If the Ceremony is on the same property but different room or outside we will need two setups that is a $50 fee. If the Ceremony is at a different location it is a $100 fee.

Do you play music to satisfy everyone?
Yes, our DJ's spend many hours training and working in bars and clubs learning how to play to their crowd. We bring every number one hit from 1955 to present and we stay current to the top 10 in all genres. Normally we bring over 350,000 songs to your event.

Will you play song requests from our guests?
Yes, and we suggest that you allow your guests to make requests. We scrutinize each request and place it in a logical spot in the playlist. We will not take a vulgar or profane request from a minor. We will not play a vulgar or profane song early in the day with your older and younger guests present. Also, if you wish we will just play songs with no profanity at all in them. We get both the regular and clean versions of all popular songs.

Will you play only what we want to hear?
Yes, it is your day and if you want only your favorite songs played we will take no requests and play only what you wish to hear. I do strongly suggest that you allow requests. The success of your reception is judged by how much fun your guests are having. If they don't agree with your music they will not dance. We are highly trained in judging your crowd and keeping your dancefloor packed all night long. I like to say you're hiring a DJ for a reason. Tell us what favorites you have and we can take care of the rest. 
Please be resonable with your choices. We had a couple send a massive list that once in the playlist we would have had to start the Wedding at 8am and gone until 2am to play all of the songs that were on the list.

How late do you stay?

Covid has changed many things. One of those changes has been how late some venues allow Party's to stay. We have seen many changes on this matter, most venues are making us shutdown at 11pm. We give you from start until end. Sometimes we are at Weddings 10 or more hours. Our end time is 11pm. If you decide you want us past 11pm it is up to the DJ to say yes and it is $50 for each hour past 11pm paid to the DJ at the beginning of the hour.

Will you stay longer than the agreed upon end time?
Yes, when you book us you get us for the whole day. We do not send a team to two different events if they are doing a wedding. Our end time is 11pm or when you start tearing down and the party is over. The only time we charge an hourly fee is if you want us past the agreed upon end time. We charge $50 for each hour you want us to stay paid at the beginning of the hour.

How do you keep us and our Bridal Party on Schedule?
This is one of the areas we truly excel at. In order for any of your guests to have a good time at your reception we have a goal to open your dance floor in 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours after your Grand Entrance. For us to do this we do whatever it takes to keep you from being torn away from enjoying your evening. If you do not have a serving staff we will make sure you have your initial beverages for your speeches and toast. If the venue doesn't release tables we will work the dining room in an entertaining way and release tables. We will clear your dishes from the Bridal Table. Even if there is a mess or accident don't be shocked to see us changing a trash bag or sweeping up a mess. Everything we can do so you don't have to worry about it is what we will do to keep things moving. Right down to communicating with our peers (Photographers, Videographers, Caterer's) to make sure they know when your events will take place.

 I Booked a Photobooth. How much room do I need and where can you set it up?
We need about a 20ft by 20ft area for the Photobooth. Please check with your Venue about spacing prior to booking a Photobooth. All Photobooths must be in an enclosed building with electricity and cannot be setup outside. Please read the Photobooth information on the services page.

Do the DJ's drink alcohol at the event?
No, none of our DJ's are allowed to drink alcohol or use drugs of any kind while doing a gig of any type for Tutts Tunes. There are many times that your guests will offer a drink to our DJ's and we will just politely say no thank you.

Do the DJ's get tipped?
Even though we never expect a tip from our clients a tip is always appreciated. If you feel our DJ's went up and above your expectations a tip will let us know that you appreciated all that they did.

What will the DJ's be wearing at our wedding?
If we are just DJ'ing or doing a Photo Booth we will be in dress clothes or dress pants with a Polo Style Shirt.
If we are your Minister we will be dressed up. Males will be in a Dress Shirt and tie and Females will be dressed appropriately. When we first arrive we normally wear clothing that we change out of prior to start time.

How far in advance do I need to book?
As far ahead as you wish. We book up fast and we cannot save dates unless we get a deposit. We have some dates saved that are over two years away. I suggest if you find a vendor you like you get them booked as soon as you can. We do require that we meet and get all of your information no later than 30 days prior to the date of your wedding.

We have decided to book Tutts Tunes, what do we do now?
We will send you the Tutts Tunes Wedding Agreement and Suggested Reception Guide via E-Mail. We will instruct you to print the fist page, fill it out and send it back with your deposit. We will communicate and setup a meeting once you have all of your paperwork filled out. We do accept Card payments over the phone for the deposit. If you wish to pay in full with a card it will have to be done in person due to the processing fees that are imposed  on phone transactions.

Can we pick who DJ's our Wedding?
The short answer is yes you can request one of our DJ's to be at your Wedding. However, Weddings are sometimes booked over a year in advance and life happens for all of us. People do decide they no longer wish to do Weddings and in some cases they decide to stop being a DJ altogether.
Tutts Tunes will not promise who does your Wedding. We will promise to send you a highly trained team leader that will give you 110% of their effort and skill. 

Once booked and the agreement is filled out can changes be made?
Yes, we are always flexible on song changes, dance additions or subtractions, or any other changes that need to be done to make your day a success. The only thing that can't be changed would be the date itself unless we happen to have an open date. Any cancelations are subject to the Cancellation process listed in the Wedding Agreement.

After filling out the Wedding Agreement can we still add other services like a Photo Booth or Karaoke?
Yes, however the equipment has to be open for booking. If the Photo Booths are already booked we won't be able to add one. Just send DJ Tutt a message and ask.
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