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Introducing John Tuttle  "DJ Tutt"

In order for anyone to do anything as perfectly as possible they have to love what they are doing. DJ Tutt's love for music started at an early age when he first started playing the Cello. In addition to being a first chair Cellist DJ Tutt also became a first chair Stand Up Bass player and an award winning Tuba player winning the

John Phillips Sousa award

Marine Corps Semper Fi Marching Band Award

The Michigan Band Directors Award

Two time participant in the Michigan State University's All Star Band

After High School DJ Tutt started a 20 plus year Management career managing restaurants for Arby's, Denny's, Cooker Bar and Grille and others where he worked his way up to the General Manager position learning excellence in Guest Service and Training.

Fast forward a few years and DJ Tutt decided to take his knowledge of Excellent Guest Service and his love for music and start a DJ Company. All of our Tutts Tunes DJ's are trained by DJ Tutt and continue their training with a Tutts Tunes Team Leader. During your Wedding Reception Dinner our DJ's go above and beyond what a normal DJ would do. We take more of a MaitreD' Role and actually serve drinks and take care of the Head Table.

A Tutts Tunes DJ will work your dining room as if it were their own restaurant taking care of issues that come up so you do not have to.

If your venue has a serving staff we will work closely with the staff to ensure you are being taken care of properly and in a timely manner so we can keep your reception formalities on schedule.

Tutts Tunes has three Wedding Teams and enough DJ's to be in bars and clubs every night of the week. Every Tutts Tunes DJ starts their training with DJ Tutt in the bars where they learn crowd control, how to read your crowd to select music and what songs to play to keep the dance floor packed all night long.

If you want your Reception to keep moving, fun and entertaining for you and your guests than the only choice is to book Tutts Tunes DJ and Wedding Services where we do what it takes to keep your Wedding Reception moving and fun for everyone.

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