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It's Party Time! Make sure you can enjoy it

You and many others have worked very hard getting ready for your special day. Everyone has watched you exchange your vow’s. All your guests have eaten a wonderful dinner and enjoyed a piece of that beautiful cake you had made. Now it’s tim

e for you to cut loose and have some fun.

On more than a few occasions I have witnessed Brides and Grooms not be willing or able to enjoy this portion of their Reception. There are many reasons they have not wanted to party and cut loose. I have seen everything from guests becoming very intoxicated and the Bride and Groom having to deal with them, family members that for one reason or another have started a scene and now the Bride and Groom just don’t feel like dancing and having a good time.

The dynamics of any family make it difficult for a Bride and Groom to just ignore some things that can happen at any type of family gathering whether it is a Wedding or a simple reunion. I have a few suggestions on how to avoid some of these issues.

I have had many couples say, “I know this person is going to cause a scene”. Ok, if you already are certain this guest is going to cause a scene you and your fiancée need to have a talk with this individual months before your wedding. I know this will be uncomfortable but just imagine how uncomfortable it will be if you must stop this person form causing a scene or even a fight at your wedding. It may be best to uninvite this person if they are not willing to be cooperative and understanding of your feelings.

There is a song that’s lyrics go “blame it on the Alcohol”. Oh, how true those lyrics are. On so many occasions I have witnessed normally very kind, sweet and very nice people become mean, embarrassing and in some cases violent because they drank way too much.

You know your people better than anyone. If you know alcohol can become an issue, make it a rule that there is no drinking until the Reception starts. I have seen Grooms yank microphones out of the Best Mans hands because they were drunk and saying things that should have never been said or are being vulgar. I have watched Brides and Brides Maids get in spats because they got drunk and couldn’t get along for whatever reason.

I have even had a Bride get mad at me because I was playing music that she herself had picked and written the song on the contract just because she was now intoxicated and didn’t want to hear that song.

Of course, I changed the song but if I had not had the song she wanted things could have got very ugly.

If you are in fear of any of these issues happening, you can do a few things to stop them before they even start.

· Do not allow alcohol before the Reception. I know you can’t stop guests from drinking, but you can say to your Bridal Party no drinking until the pictures are over. Trust me, your photographer will appreciate a bridal party that is willing to listen and help get through the photos.

· Have the venue limit alcohol consumption as any bar would. No excessive shots, no pictures for beer, set a limit guests can have each hour.

· Find a local taxi company that would be willing to come to your venue and transport those that do get intoxicated.

· Put someone in charge like the Bartender to enforce the rules you set forth. And do not over rule this person. Just tell the guest sorry they are doing what they were hired to do.

· If you are still not satisfied have a dry Reception. I would rather DJ a dry Reception and have it a beautiful and fun evening for the Bride and Groom instead of a no limit on alcohol wedding where there are possibilities of issues that can and will ruin the whole day.

Thankfully these issues I am speaking of are on the extreme and rarely happen. However, if you have family members or guests that you are 100% certain will cause issues after drinking it would be best for you to be proactive instead of reactive. Nobody wants their Wedding Day ruined or do they want to toss a friend or family member out of their Reception.

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